Kurt  Van Dexter


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text paintings

the artwork:

With multiple interests, subjects of focus, and the use of multiple media, the range of the artwork includes both representational and non-representational work in  2D, 3D, and spatial formats. The spatial format includes art installation and environmental art. The 3D, artwork often includes painting, and can at times be considered sculptural painting.

The artwork ranges from small, (for example: 6” x 6”), to large, (for example: 4’ +  in length or height)

I incorporate a variety of water-based media into my work, including transparent watercolor, acrylic, gauche, and egg tempera, sometimes within the same painting.  The sculptural assemblage pieces sometimes include found natural objects, wood, wire, and other materials.

subject matter:

The artwork varies in subject matter depending on what I am saying, sharing, or what sense of expression I happen to be exploring. In the past, during a more formative era, my artwork often focused closely on a study of herbaceous plant materials and their plant communities and visual records of barns and farms, creating a pictorial documentary of the vanishing rural culture.  The artwork has evolved over time to become increasingly abstract and conceptual.  It focuses

on the energies of combined color and form, often actively engaging the thoughts of viewer, providing a participatory experience for those who view the artwork.  

text paintings:

This on-going series of paintings incorporate my thoughts and ideas. These works of art are intended to speak to the viewer and engage them with the artwork, the text, and the various meanings of the text.  Letters and words sometimes purposely run together, drawing the viewer into the visual texture of the artwork and into the realm of thought and possibility posed by the text. These text pieces are based in pattern and color.  They are either acrylic or mixed-media, on paper, board, or canvas. The size range varies.


Assemblage offers opportunities to create dimensional visual statements combining found objects along with the painted image. These assemblage pieces are constructed of found natural objects, re-purposed man-made objects, combined with sections of paintings and transformed as portions of new artworks. Some of these pieces of art incorporate text.

The assemblage artworks are small introspections of concept and collection.

sculptural paintings:

The sculptural paintings combine the energy relationships of color and movement with structural form and dimension.  The inclusion of text provides varied context as well as dialog between the viewer and the work.  


sculptural paintings